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IPS APP features


SOS Alert

The SOS function uses advance technology, to alert all emergency services around you that you are in distress. In addition, a message is also sent out to your next of kin, informing them you are in distress.

Guards On duty

Get to know your security a little better! This function allows you to identify who is currently at the guard house at that present time for your convenience and security.

Notice Boards

Get in touch with what is happening in your estate! Here we will put up notices of water cuts, Planned load shedding, AGM meetings and any new events or announcements.

Location Alert

When a user is in distress and the SOS function is activated, the location of the user will be sent also via SMS to the next of kin and all other relevant emergency services.

Incident Management

Here you can log an incident, you will also be able to advise the impact of your incident, these incidents will be dealt with immediately via the security officers.

Book A delivery

Our new app easily assists you to book any expected purchases or deliveries for our client. You can easily book a delivery, a notice will be sent to the security on duty, who will know what to expect, what time and from which company/individual.